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The Peregrine Steel Company

The Peregrine Steel Company provides the highest quality customer service and steel products. We provide customized steel blanks to meet each unique customer need. We value our customer relationship and do all we can to expedite each order with accuracy. From small orders to large quantities, customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

The Peregrine Transportation Company

Our transportation service provides reliable, efficient scrap metal hauling services to meet every project need. Through our in-house logistics team and our accurate GPS tracking services, we can get the job done from beginning to end with detailed attention. Safety is our priority for our customers, the public and our professional drivers.

Featured Services

Full Range of Scrap Metal Management Services

Our team will provide customized scrap metal demolition services on your work site. We will safely and efficiently handle any size demolition project and provide a customized solution to meet your unique needs.

We will evaluate your project and provide custom scrap metal removal and hauling for any size project. After an on-site evaluation, we will take care of all the details of your scrap metal hauling needs.

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Multi-state service region


Headquartered in Louisville, KY, The Peregrine Company provides scrap metal management services in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, Arkansas and Michigan.

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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. is an advocate in the areas of policy, regulations and issues impacting the recycling industry.

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